Q: Which kind of sensors work with IRRIOT?

A: Any kind of switch-type sensor will work with IRRIOT. Soil humidity and temperature but also flow meters, digital rain meters, salinity and pH.

Q: Does the main station create its own Lora network?

A: Yes, our controller creates a LoRa network with possibility to reach up to 5km.

Q: Which soil humidity sensors do you recommend for substrates?

A: For humus-rich substrates of nursery containers we recommend this sensors: https://www.delta-t.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/SM150T-user-manual-version-1.0.pdf

Q: What would it cost to automate 50 hectares of field?

A: It all varies with how many valves you have and how they are placed. If you provide us with a sketch how they are located then we could give you an exact price.

Q: Which magnetic valves do you recommend?

A: We recommend Toro, Hunter, Netafim or Irritrol but any latching type operated by 9-12V should work.

Q: Can IRRIOT control a master valve and a pump?

A: Yes! IRRIOT has external outputs to control e.g. master valve or a pump.

Q: How many zones can IRRIOT irrigate simultaneously? 

A: IRRIOT has no limitation as to the number of simultaneously opened valves. Each valve can be configured to start individually at a certain time or through one of 15 programs. The programs execute valves sequentially, but they can be run at the same time.

Q: How many sensors can I connect to IRRIOT?   

A: Every RTU has one output for sensors. Our controller has two outputs for sensors (switch type).

Q: Can every valve be controlled individually by a moist sensor?

A: Yes absolutely, every single valve can be controlled individually with the data from a moist sensor.

Q: We need a water meter – which one is suitable for IRRIOT?

A: We support all water meters that generate output pulse, so called reed switch. We have good experience with the watermeters from ARAD.