Irrigation IoT automation platform


Wireless irrigation controller


Wireless irrigation controller, communicating with up to 32 RTUs and 34 sensors. The base unit is responsible for 24/7 execution of preconfigured watering schedule, soil state monitoring, events of failure, etc.



The RTU is maintenance free, solar powered and operates the magnetic valves independently, designed for outdoor use with multiple mounting options. The RTU can also sample and relay sensor data. The RTU comes in two versions – one that can operate up to 2 valves and one that can operate up to 4 valves.

irrigation app

Cloud and Mobile

With IRRIOTs app you can take full control of your irrigation anytime from anywhere in the world. The control and monitoring of your irrigation is at your fingertips. Cloud intelligence, weather data and OTA updates.

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Consistent irrigation

No matter what you grow – with IRRIOT you will always achieve perfect irrigation results.

Save 50% of water

By optimizing the irrigation at your site you can save up to 50% of the water used.

Increase your crop yield with 30%

With perfect irrigation and soil conditions you increase your crop yield with up to 30%.

No cables needed

Our solution is based on ultra long-range radio communication – no cables needed.

Solar powered

Our unique Remote units run on green solar power and totally maintenance-free.

Save hundreds of work hours

By switching from manual irrigation to automated irrigation you will save hundreds of work hours.

Control your irrigation wherever you are

With IRRIOT app, you take full control of your irrigation anytime from anywhere in the world.

Intelligent irrigation based on sensors

IRRIOTs optimizes the irrigation, based on sensor (e.g. rain-, soil moisture-, temperature sensors) data.

Feel safe with your irrigation - at all times

If something goes wrong the app will send you alarm notification or email.

What do our customers say?

Sunview Vineyards

The IRRIOT system seemed to give us the flexibility to control valves and pumps on each ranch via radio and the ability to manage all ranches in one platform location. Read more.


Bergius botanical garden

Our irrigation is much more flexible now and we get more irrigation out of the system than before. Huge advantage to us to be able to irrigate during the time when we do not have any visitors.

Bab Al Shams Resort

I am pleased to share the resounding success of our recent venture at Bab Al Shams Resort, where the installation of IRRIOT Wireless Irrigation Automation, coupled with invaluable support from Gulf Water Management, has resulted in a project that surpasses all expectations. Read more.


This a water- and time saving system that gives us greater security that we use the optimal amount of water. The IRRIOT team has been very keen on making sure that we fully understand everything with the solution!

Bosse Rappne

To water crops evenly at all times during the day or night, while being several kilometers away is no doubt a good investment. This is the future.


The irrigation of our greenhouse has been fully automated and waters the exact amount at the correct times. Our team saves a lot of time due to this. It has been an obvious improvement for us to have IRRIOT.