We received funding to develop frost protection

Much food is wasted long before it reaches your fridge or even the supermarket. Plants with flowers such as apples, strawberries or potatoes are very vulnerable to frost and huge amount of crops risk to be destroyed each year. Farmers prohibit this by irrigating. In short, when the temperature drops below a certain temperature your irrigate – the water have a higher temperature then the air and temporarily warms the plant. If the temperature drops further, the water that covers the plant or flower converts from liquid to solid form. This is an exothermic reaction and generates energy in the shape of heat. A micro greenhouse is created between the ice and the plant, protecting the plant.

The Swedish innovation agency, Vinnova, has granted us 700.000 SEK to develop a wireless frost protection system. Our prototype will be developed and tested during 2020 and will be ready for the commercial market during 2021.