What do we need to give you a proper quotation?

On a daily basis we at IRRIOT receive several emails similar to this:


Your solution is exactly what I have been looking for. Please send a quote for 2ha?

Best regards


It is literally impossible for us to give any price with so little information. It all comes down to how many valves you have and how and where they are located. We have one version of the RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) that connects to two valves and one sensor and another version that connects to a maximum of four valves and one sensor.

So two valves more than 30 meters apart would normally take two RTU-2 while four valves placed close to each other could be controlled by one RTU-4.

On top of that we need to know where you want to place your controller (preferably where there is WiFi and power outlet).

If you want to automate your pump we need to know the placement, brand and model. Same goes for fertigation, filters and other devices you would like to control and monitor.

The best would be if you can send us a sketch, similar to one below:

Together with the information about the fertilizer(s) and pump(s).

With this information we can easily give you a quote. As you can see in the picture below we can establish that two RTU-2 and two RTU-4 are needed. We suggest also that you place the controller close to the pump – with an extension board the fertilizer and pump are also easily automated. If e.g. the pump or fertilizer would be placed far away – a RTU-2 and ILR (Industrial Latching Relay) would be added to the quote.

As you can see there are no sensors in this sketch. If you need them please let us know where, what kind and how many. If we can also get a screenshot from Google Maps, we can ensure that there are not any physical obstacles in the way for the signal: