Testimonial from Bab Al Shams Resort

Gulf Water Management is our partner in UAE and we received this testimonial from them after conducting yet another successful installation:

I am pleased to share the resounding success of our recent venture at Bab Al Shams Resort, where the installation of three RTU-2 units controlling five valves, coupled with invaluable support from Gulf Water Management, has resulted in a project that surpasses all expectations.

The seamless integration of the RTU-2 units, guaranteeing precision and adherence to the highest industry standards. The technical support provided by the supplier proved invaluable in overcoming challenges during the implementation, enhancing the overall reliability and performance of our solution.This thorough engagement confirmed that the system not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. The dedication to superior customer support demonstrated throughout the project lifecycle has not only streamlined the implementation process but has also solidified our client relationships, setting a new benchmark for excellence.
The decision to integrate RTU-2 units into the Bab Al Shams Resort Project has proven to be strategic and forward-thinking. The replacement of battery-operated valves with RTUs not only streamlined operational efficiency but also contributed to a more sustainable and cost-effective solution, ultimately exceeding the client’s satisfaction.

We are enthusiastic about future opportunities and remain committed to delivering exceptional solutions with the continued support of esteemed partners.

Mahmoud Ramadan

Gulf Water Management Solutions

Picture of the controller discretely placed.

Picture of the placement of one of the RTUs discretely connected to the valves.