Testimonial from Californian vineyard

Sunview vineyards owns several vineyards in California. During 2022 they placed an order for one of their vineyards and during 2023 they placed and order for a second vineyard. Below is the testimonial from, Samuel Kingston, the manager of the first vineyard:

We had been searching for a solution to automate our irrigation systems that did not require expensive reprogramming costs and the ability to connect multiple ranches through the cloud.   Systems we had looked at were all radio based and would require multiple radio centers and require expensive servers.  The Irriot system seemed to give us the flexibility to control valves and pumps on each ranch via radio and the ability to manage all ranches in one platform location.

We decided to install the Irriot system on one ranch as a test run to see how things went.  The layout of our current irrigation system was shared with them, and they quickly returned a design that mostly suited our needs.  There were a few changes or things we wanted to do that weren’t in the original discussion and they were quick to amend or explain how we could accomplish the desired tasks.  Installation was easy and they provided support when I needed it.  I was concerned about the level of support we would get because of the time change and distance between California and Sweden.   We started the install late in our season, and we did have to do some trenching because of how we wanted to bank our valves together.  Once we got it wired up and tested the main part of our water season was over on that ranch so I did not feel like we got a good enough test out of the system.   I wanted to wait and give my feedback until I got more actual run time with the system.

We have been using the system coming up on a year and it honestly has performed well.  I am very happy with it.  The interface is good, and if we have ideas of how to improve it, they are willing to listen to us.  Some of the scheduling and run hours per day did not work for us so they worked on scheduling and made the user interface better.  The support we have received so far has been good even with the distance and time difference.  Messages have been answered in a prompt manner.  The system has been good so far.  The RTU’s are built well and batteries recharging with the solar panels has been excellent.

The trial ranch has gone well enough that we are planning on adding a few more things to this trial and are making plans to hopefully automate another ranch soon.

Samuel Kingston

Sunview Vineyards

Picture of the controller(the small white box in the middle) and placement of the elevated antenna.

Picture of the placement of one the RTUs among the grapevines.