A preferred irrigation method for seedlings is the irrigation booms since it works best with plug or cell trays, pot to pot spaced plants or cuttings in beds.

A boom system is made of supply pipes with attached nozzles that distribute the water as the irrigation boom moves over the plants. Most commonly the irrigation boom is usually suspended from a overhead rail system single or double overhead rail system, another option is to use a carth on rails.

IRRIOTs first generation of products were developed for stationary irrigation such as sprinklers or drip irrigation. As the number of requests for automation of irrigation booms we decided to further develop our products into this.

Our pilot was conducted at Sveaskog, a state-owned company that is the largest forest owner in Sweden. The company owns 14 percent of Sweden’s forests and has approx. 800 employees across the country. Every year the company produces millions of tree plants in their nurseries.

One of these nurseries, called Lugnet, was the site for our pilot. The pilot was of great success and we sold to another system to one of Sveaskog’s other nurseries, Kilåmons nursery, this very same season.

Picture 1. To the right you can see the placement of IRRIOTs controller with wireless range of up to 5 km.

Picture 2. Mounted to the left on the existing control box is our ILR together with one RTU that allows for automating and controlling the system.

Picture 3. Placed on the boom is another RTU that allows for controlling the valves.

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