IRRIOT Loves Sensors

At IRRIOT, our dedication to mitigating the agricultural sector’s impact on our planet’s resources is unwavering. Our primary goals revolve around water conservation, reducing fertilizer usage, and sustainably increasing food production to meet the ever-growing global demands.

A few years ago, we introduced native sensor support, integrating a wide array of sensors into our solution to assist our customers in achieving optimal results while conserving water. Subsequently, we unveiled the MPE6-4 extension board for controllers, providing support for various sensors that customers may already possess. Now, we are thrilled to announce the development of Universal Sensor Input for our RTUs, enabling connectivity with nearly any sensor required for specific applications.

The following sensor types are supported:

  • 0-20mA current loop;
  • 4-20mA current loop;
  • Counter (e.g. flow meters or rain gauges);
  • Switch type (e.g. rain sensor).

The setup is easily done through the controller Menu for each RTU individually.

Navigate to Sensor settings:

Then there will be several options to choose the sensor type and set up the range or multiplier, depending on the sensor in use:

After you set it up, the sensors will appear in the IRRIOT Cloud App as well.

You will however need a universal IRRIOT RTU sensor cable, that could be easily ordered from us directly or through your regional reseller.