The Swedish agtech company IRRIOT has closed an investment round of SEK 5.5 million through investment from LRF Ventures. In 2022, IRRIOT will focus on scale up of sales and now the company gets an ideal partner for rapid growth.

To spend a fortune on digging down expensive wires and hiring electricians just to end up with a fragile wire based irrigation automation system is fortunately a problem for the past. Here is a testimonial from Lubera, a nursery in Switzerland who purchased the IRRIOT system from our German reseller Hermann Meyer.

Business Development Manager


We are currently looking for a Business Development Manager based in western Europe. The primary objective will be to search for prospects for new business by building strong relationships with growers and new dealers. This position requires a substantial amount of travel.

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We are very proud and excited about the fact that Startlife has chosen IRRIOT together with 8 other European agtech startups to be part of their market leading accelerator.

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Hi Mikhail, you are the technical manager for IRRIOT and have recently been involved in monitoring and supporting a number of customers who have started their irrigation automation for the spring.

Can you tell us a little about the different cultivations and how they differ?

Yes, it is true that I have been involved in many installations during the spring. Everything from apple orchards, strawberry orchards and nurseries. Each cultivation is unique and the design of the irrigation systems varies – with it come different challenges, which I find extra rewarding.

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IRRIOT features unique flexibility in configuring the fully automated irrigation. The irrigation can be directly controlled by sensors, registered in the IRRIOT system, or can be set for sensor control during the user defined time schedule – automatic scheduled irrigation. 

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