We are happy to announce that IRRIOT has been selected to the EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator Stage 3. EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator is the only EU acceleration program focused on climate impact by cleantech commercialization. It is a European knowledge and innovation community, working towards a prosperous, inclusive, climate-resilient society founded on a circular, zero-carbon economy.

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The nursery in Ängelholm is one of Sweden’s largest nurseries and also a hub for buying seedlings in northwestern Skåne. Ahead of the 2020 season Tomas Persson, who is in charge of cultivation, ordered IRRIOT’s wireless automation of irrigation.

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Each startup team will be assigned their own mentor who will support the team all through the program. Besides mentoring, teams will be offered lectures and workshops in topics ranging from product development and service design to sales, marketing and fundraising.

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Wireless irrigation controller

We are currently looking for international pilot installations where we provide the irrigation automation equipment needed for manufacturing cost. If this would be of interest to you please read more below and contact us here!

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Irrigation is to many people a daily chore and there are more or less convenient times during the day when this could be done. 

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The Swedish innovation agency, Vinnova, has granted us 700.000 SEK to develop a wireless frost protection system.

precisionsbevattning, precision irrigatio

7.7 billion people, that is the world’s population today and by the middle of the century the Earth’s population is expected to hit nine billion, with more than half of that growth taking place in Africa.

Feeding this growing population won’t be easy. 12 years ago a scientists reckoned that the global food system will need to produce more food in the next 50 years than it did in the past 10,000 combined.

Over 33% of us are facing water scarcity today and by the year 2025 that figure may rise to 67%.

Did you know that 70% of global water withdrawals are done by farmers and this is where we find the greatest water wastage?

Smart irrigation systems are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and farmers due to the many benefits they provide. A smart irrigation system is programmed remotely to turn on or off the water flow when it detects a problem. This helps prevent water waste, reduces water bills, and helps save the environment at the same time.

If you’re a landscape gardening fan or a full-time farmer and have been spraying your darling shrubberies and crops with manual hose pipes, stop here and now. We all understand that our beloved earth is running out of usable water and we are to be blamed for it.

It is estimated that around 70 percent of the drinkable fresh water on earth is utilized by the irrigation sector, of which about 50% is wasted because of conventional, worn-out farming practices. From landscape gardeners to farmers and conglomerates, everyone is doing their part in the calamities bound to be thrust unto humanity. Manual farming is and will hurt our civilization with droughts, flash floods, and whatnot in the not-so-far future if not heeded with skill and technology.

The United States alone wastes 50% of its drinkable water, which is 9 billion gallons per day. The traditional irrigation systems have led to enormous amounts of fresh water getting wasted in the seas. What is the solution? Smart irrigation systems are the answer to wastefulness and inefficient crop watering problems. With motored water pipes running on, overflowing lawns and fields when it’s least required, all that’s demanded is an efficient smart detection mechanism that waters plants when it is truly needed. This is where smart IoT-based smart irrigation technology comes into play.

The best irrigation system for your lawn or crop needs modern weather-based and soil moisture detection sensors that control the soil accordingly to the surroundings. Smart sprinkler systems are fully automated and controlled by sophisticated sensor technology.

These smart systems detect and control the surrounding soil conditions to water the garden more efficiently. When the temperatures reach a certain level, IoT-based sensors automatically increase the amount of water supplied to the surface. With the help of these smart sprinkler systems, you can avoid water wastage and save money big time.

Smart Irrigation Systems: How Does it Work?

Smart irrigation systems are the future of landscape gardening and crop watering practices. They come with an array of smartly automated features that allow managing your garden’s water supply more effectively.

The system comes with a controller that is integrated with the sensors and an app to manage the entire system. A smartphone or tablet is required to access the system through the app.

These smart irrigation systems come with multiple sensors to monitor the surrounding conditions such as soil moisture and temperature. The sensors provide feedback on the system’s performance, allowing you to schedule watering for the best time of day. It will automatically adjust the amount of water applied to your garden to save from over-watering the soil. This feature also saves you money and it’s a lot easier than trying to remember to water when it’s dry.

IRRIOT – IoT Irrigation Technology

The smart irrigation systems by IRRIOT aim to reduce water wastage, enhance crop yield, and make your garden greener than ever. The next-generation commercial-based smart irrigation control systems at IRRIOT will make your water supply efficient and reliable throughout the season.

All the sprinklers are wire-free and hence do not clutter or disconnect every time. IRRIOT systems run entirely on solar energy, which includes the central computer, sensors, motors, etc. With IoT-based communication systems for commercial lands, you can monitor and control everything from up to 5kms away with modern LoRa radio transmission. The return on investment is quickest and after you sign up for it, the rewards last a lifetime.

With the remote terminal units (RTUs), all the operations are processed wirelessly and via solar energy. The system latching mechanisms are carried on through electrically controlled magnetic valves and various weather- and soil-based sensors.

All the RTUs are designed to work in harsh environments and have rugged construction for the long-lasting life of the system. The smart irrigation system by IRRIOT is easy to set up, maintain, and operate. The user interface is designed with the most intuitive visuals and is suitable for both experienced and inexperienced users.

Good news!
We are thrilled to announce that IRRIOT’s idea got recognized by the Swedish Department of Agriculture, which granted us initial financial support for setting up an Operational Group, which will work in the field of innovations and sustainability in agricultural sector and farming. The main task of the group is to identify major problems farmers facing in Sweden and also globally, define the project scope, prepare project plan, budget, develop pilots, to choose technology and partners for research, production, etc.

The results of the work of Operational Group will be the application to receive rural development funding from The agricultural European Innovation Partnership (EIP-AGRI) programme.

This development is possible thanks to the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas. More information about the fund could be found here.

As of today, IRRIOT is officially a member of WIN Water. WIN Water offers a market place for businesses and innovations within the fields of water. Using open innovation, they speed up the process of getting innovations to the market.

– The timing is perfect for us, we are finishing up our prototype 2.0 and early next year we are going to market. Hopefully, WIN Water will help us move faster, says IRRIOTs CEO Alex Palin.

About WIN Water:

WIN Water have in total around 80 active member organizations. The members of our networks include small innovative companies as well as organizations from public and private sectors, academia and non-profit organizations. WIN Water is a part of Ideon Science Park in Lund, Sweden and acts with an international perspective.